About Local Tourism Organisation of the Radom Land

Who are we?
The Local Tourism Organisation of the Radom Land is a non-governmental organisation made of local government units, institutions of culture, tourism fiends, as well as entrepreneurs and non-governmental organisations operating in the sector of tourism and culture.

The major goal of the Local Tourism Organisation of the Radom Land is to create the image of Radom and the Radom land as an ideal destination for a weekend trip by promoting local attractions and touristic products. The organisation also supports the operation and development of tourist information, as well as initiates, comments on and supports tourist infrastructure development and modernisation plans.

Why “the Radom Land”?
Because we focus both on Radom and the surroundings of the town, i.e. a broadly understood Radom land.


Miasto Radom

26-600 Radom
Jana Kilińskiego 30
tel. (48) 36 20 419;
(48) 36 20 424

Miasto Szydłowiec

26-500 Szydłowiec
tel. +48 48 617-86-30;
fax. +48 48 617-05-10

Miasto Pionki

26-670 Pionki
Aleja Jana Pawła II 15
tel. 48 341 42 00;
fax. 48 312 11 02

Gmina Orońsko

26-505 Orońsko
Szkolna 8
tel. 48 618-59-00;
fax. 48 618-59-59

Muzeum im. Jacka Malczewskiego

ul. Rynek 11
26-600 Radom

Ośrodek Kultury i Sztuki „Resursa Obywatelska” w Radomiu

ul. Malczewskiego 16
26-600 Radom

Pałac Domaniowski Resort & Conference

Konary 8
26-432 Wieniawa

Stowarzyszenie Droga Mleczna

ul. Struga 1
26-600 Radom

Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego
Hufiec Radom – Miasto

ul. Rynek 1
26-600 Radom

Stowarzyszenie Zielona Akcja

ul. Rynek 15
26-600 Radom

Adver Media Łukasz Kwiecień

ul. Miła 9
26-600 Radom

Oddział Mazowiecki Polskiego Towarzystwa Schronisk Młodzieżowych „Ziemia Radomska” w Radomiu

ul. Limanowskiego 34/40
26-600 Radom

Powiat Szydłowiecki

Plac Marii Konopnickiej 7
26-500 Szydłowiec

„Łyżka i widelec”

Pub i restauracja
ul. Żeromskiego 52
26-610 Radom

Centrum Kultury i Turystyki w Iłży

ul. Orła Białego 2
27-100 Iłża

Authorities and statute

Association Council

  • Mateusz Tyczyński – Chairman of the Association Council
  • Kinga Bogusz – Vice-chairman of the Association Council
  • Konrad Kępczyński – Member of the Association Council
  • Aneta Furmańska – Member of the Association Council
  • Dariusz Pawłowicz – Member of the Association Council

Board of Directors of the Association

  • Magdalena Krajewska – Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Magdalena Nowacka – Vice-president of the Board of Directors
  • Justyna Górska-Streicher – Vice-president of the Board of Directors

Audit Committee

  • Robert Chrobotowicz – Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Wojciech Kacperski – Vice-chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Piotr Wójcik – Secretary of the Audit Committee

Why is it worth joining?

What will you gain?

  1. Active influence on the development of tourism in Radom and the Radom region: by promoting Radom and the Radom region in Poland and abroad as the area attractive for tourists, the Local Tourism Organisation of the Radom Land has an active impact on the development of that sector. Due to actions taken to promote both cultural heritage and touristic products of members of the Association, the interest in the region among individual and business tourists will be increasing.
  2. Acquiring funds for the tourism-related actions: the Association will have the right to apply for external funding to tourism development support programmes operated by the Marshal’s Office or the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology. The Association will also acquire funds from sponsors to carry out its activities.
  3. Consolidation of operations with members of the Association
  4. Joint promotion actions: the Local Tourism Organisation of the Radom Land, as an organiser or co-organiser of many events promoting tourism in the Radom region, enables the members to take an active part in the preparation of those events and the promotion of their products to people visiting the town and region.
  5. Promotion of facilities, services and products through their recommendation to other entities.
  6. Distribution of promotion materials in Tourist Information points in Radom.
  7. Priority in relation to the publications of the Local Tourism Organisation of the Radom Land.
  8. Attractive and diversified tourist offer of Radom and the Radom region.
  9. Development of the region and tourist facilities.
  10. Development of the tourist infrastructure in the region.

How to join?

It is enough to file a filled-in accession declaration with the Board of Directors. The declaration must include the acceptance of the Association’s operating goals, statute, and resolutions on membership fees.

Documents needed to join the Association:

  • Declaration of accession to the Local Tourism Organisation of the Radom Land
  • Copy of the valid extract from the National Court Register or another relevant document based on which the organisation operates
  • Document (as applicable) defining the way of representation of the company*
  • Statute of the organisation
  • Power of attorney to represent the organisation (if the declaration is signed by a person other than an authorised representative)

* in the case of commercial companies


Local Tourism Organisation of the Radom Land
Struga 1, 26-600 Radom
tel. 725 087 498