After Warsaw, Radom is the largest urban centre in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. The history of the town dates back to the early Middle Ages. During the reign of the Jagiellonian dynasty the town was in its heyday. Such events as the adoption of the “nihil novi” constitution by the Great Seym in 1505 and the workers’ protest in June 1976, which, in the opinion of many historians, started system changes in Poland, constitute a kind of a historic link.

Famous Poles connected with Radom included, among others: Jacek Malczewski, John Kochanowski, Witold Gombrowicz, Leszek Kołakowski and Andrzej Wajda. Historic monuments, traces of multiculturalism, royal climate and post-industrial town are reasons for which it is worth visiting Radom. Pedestrian and bike paths that have been set will help you visit tourist attractions of the town and the nearest surroundings. The most interesting places along the historic routes include remains of a 10th-century town in Piotrówka, the Old Town square with the St Vaclav church, Miasto Kazimierzowskie, including well-preserved fragments of urban walls, a parish church, the Jacek Malczewski Museum located in the building of the former Piarist College, tenement houses of Gąska and Esterka, the reconstructed town hall, and the Deskurs’ tenement house. It is also worth visiting the Observants’ Monastery and walking along streets in the town centre to have a look at charming Art Nouveau houses.

Many interesting cultural events, including international ones, as well as sports events attended by teams competing at the highest levels of contests, will also encourage you to visit Radom.

WContemporary Radom is a town focused on the development of an infrastructure that influences the quality of everyday life. The town revitalises parks and constructs a network of bike paths, sports pitches and courts, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. The modernised lake in Borki and nearby promenades over the Mleczna river have become an attractive location for summer recreation, mainly for cyclists and skaters.

Radom is also a strong logistic and industrial centre. Due to its perfect location at the crossroads of several important transport routes and its continuously developed modern infrastructure, Radom attracts many entrepreneurs. Industries that prevail in the town include the precision industry, metal industry and leather industry. The town is a very good location for outsourcing services.