To get to know the town well, it is not enough to visit the greatest attractions. Radom must be tasted!
In the town, there are many restaurants that serve delicious dishes.

French bread pizza served at Moniuszki Street is the cultic dish in Radom. Every day next to a small window there is a queue waiting for a French bread pizza at any time. If you have not tasted a French bread pizza in Radom, you must taste it as soon as possible. Only if you eat the pizza, you will know the taste of Radom street food.

You will be surprised for sure, but it is not only Toruń that is famous for gingerbread. Radom also has a “gingerbread bakery”, which bakes Rembiki: ginger cakes baked and prepared on the basis of the original recipe of Wojciech Rembikowski of the beginning of the 20th century!

While tasting ginger cakes at the Pana Kota Bakery, please note that the Dobrzański gingerbread based on beer and the Easter Cake with Nuts and Dried Fruit are recognised as the Culinary Heritage of Masovia!

The most Radom cake? Of course, Radomianka!

Remember it when you order a dessert or have a coffee at the promenade in Radom. In combination with the beautiful view of 19th-century tenement houses, it is delicious!