Jacek Malczewski Museum

See dinosaurs and the nature of Poland from the sea to the Tatra mountains

The youngest visitors will be enchanted with dinosaurs: fighting syntarsus, gentle dryosaurus and flying pterodactylus. Thanks to realistic dioramas, the museum is an excellent place to get to know the most interesting natural environments of the Radom land. Here, you will meet natural inhabitants of valleys of the Pilica and Radomka rivers, as well as the Iłżycka, Stromiecka and Kozenicka forests: white-tailed eagle, lesser spotted eagle, beaver or otter.

Polish National Parks

The 14th-century defensive walls of the town are the background of dioramas presenting the natural environment of the most interesting Polish national parks. This is an excellent way to get to know differences in the nature of particular parks at one place. Dioramas present bisons, primeval forests, wolves, chamois, mouflons, sea cost, and overflow area of the Biebrza river.

Club of young discoverers of art

The Jacek Malczewski Museum invites children to workshops:

  • A pot, please – archaeological workshops. Participants familiarise themselves with manual pottery techniques.
  • Hay animals – environment-friendly toys made of hay.
  • Wooden animals – participants decorate wooden tags by the use of various materials.
  • Following the Wawel dragon – participants prepare fossils (fossilised mark of a dinosaur) as a “finder’s medal”.
  • African masks. By use of various materials, participants prepare masks based on their own ideas.
  • Emblem of Radom – preparation of a cast of our town.
  • With fabric around the world – stamping patterns on fabrics.
  • Eco bird feeders – workshops connected with a lecture on feeding birds.
  • Fabric dolls – preparing good wish dolls made of fabrics.
  • Pictures painted with music – musical workshops. Participants enter the world of music and learn paintings of Polish artists which refer to the music. During the classes, various instruments, sounds, musical riddles are presented. Participants also play together.
  • Music of fauns (instruments on the paintings of Jacek Malczewski) – musical workshops.
  • Self-portrait – Be like Jacek Malczewski. From the cycle “Art for the Youngest” – arts workshops.
  • Realism versus abstraction. From the cycle “Art for the Youngest” – arts workshops.
  • History of Polish coins – lecture connected with workshops where participants make chocolate coins.
  • Cleanness versus Dirt – soap production workshops where participants make useful and decorative aroma soaps on their own.
  • Honey Vault – workshops connected with a lecture on secrets of bees, where participants prepare and decorate hexagonal boxes (parts of a honeycomb) by use of decoupage.
  • Eggs and nests – participants decorate polystyrene eggs against a background of a bird nest by use of paints and other materials. They try to imitate natural patterns of eggs of wild species of birds, which let them mask in the environment. Workshops connected with a lecture.
  • Beginning embalmer – preparation of clay ushabti figures. Lecture connected with workshops.
  • Painted on the glass – own folklore paintings on glass plates.

Each lesson is from 45 to 60 minutes long, the group must not exceed 30 participants. The price of a lesson: PLN 9 per person.

Rynek 11
Tel. 48 362 56 94

Radom Village Museum

An ideal place for a family walk in the environment of the nature and wooden historic structures. The museum presents over 80 old rural structures and over 17,000 mobile exhibits. The youngest visitors will see how people lived in wooden cottages, what blacksmith’s shops and granaries were used for, and what animals were kept in pigsties and henhouses. The children will also enjoy five windmills. Lovers of natural sweets can visit an outdoor apiarian museum with over 200 beehives.

Quest for riddle hunters

In the area of the Radom Village Museum, in the homestead from Chomentowo, visitors can take part in a quest which shows the life in the rural house. You can get the quest in the ticket office or on

Family workshops:

  • From a grain to a loaf – a lecture and yeast rolls baking.
  • From a plant to fabric – the purpose of the lesson is to demonstrate flax processing with the use of traditional tools, as well as to enable participants to weave a fabric by use of weaving frames.
  • Toys made of rags – during the lesson, children will make a doll of rags, which they will be able to take home.
  • Ceramics – during the workshops, participants will observe clay processing and vessel production process. Anyone will be able to make something from clay under the supervision of a trainer.
  • From the grand grandmother’s trunk – clothes and fabric of the Radom region – the participants will be able to see and touch fabrics and try elements of clothes on. During the lessons, the participants will obtain teaching materials: an exercise book about weaving and folklore dress, paper folklore dress models
  • Calligraphy lesson – the purpose of the lesson is to improve writing techniques. It is preceded with a story about the beginning of writing and a presentation how old writing tools were used. During the lesson children obtain an exercise book where they will practise beautiful writing with a nib and ink.
  • Easter painted eggs – Having seen the exhibition, each child will receive a blown egg, a wax writing tool to decorate their egg with wax. The lesson is available from 16 April to 09 April.
  • Lent and Easter – during the art classes the participants will make a traditional Radom palm.
  • St Catherine and St Andrew – the purpose of the lesson is to present the saints – a story of their life, traditional Andrew fortune-telling, wax melting through a key and reading wax figures, letting candles on water, drawing objects hidden under bowls, putting shoes on the floor, etc. Available from 31 October to 30 November.
  • St Nicolaus Legend – the purpose of the lesson is to present St Nicolaus, legendary bishop of Mira in Lesser Asia, who was said to live at the beginning of the 4th century. During the lesson children will listen to legends and folk tales. During the lesson, children will also prepare a drawing “St Nicolaus . . . ”. All participants will obtain a sweet surprise. Available from 1 December to 31 December.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Days – The purpose of the lesson is to make children familiar with traditions of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Days, explain symbolic character of Christmas Eve dishes and interior decorations. During the lesson children prepare decorations of altar bread (it is cut into circles, then several of circles are cut into halves, several in quarters and then they are stuck with saliva to form a ball form, which is a symbol of the earth). Younger children prepare Christmas tree decorations of paper, blotting paper, peas, nuts, etc. Available from 15 November to 23 December.
  • Certificate of grand grandfather’s skills – workshops during which children see a presentation of and try to perform the following activities: grinding grains, forming yeast rolls, whipping butter in the churn, washing in the washtub on a washboard, flax processing, twisting a cord, weaving on frames. Available from 15 April to 31 August.

Lessons are from 45 to 90 minute long, depending on the subject (we agree on details when the lessons are ordered).

Price per person:
children up to 7: PLN 10
others: PLN 14