By plane

The nearest international airport is located in Warsaw Okęcie (Chopin Airport).

P.P. “Porty Lotnicze”
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 1
00-906 Warszawa
Airport information: +48 22 650 42 20

Warsaw-Radom Airport Heroes of Radom June 1976
The investment carried out by PPL includes building a new Terminal. It will be the most modern facility of this type in Poland. The terminal is to be prepared to receive 3 million passengers annually.

By train

Radom is an important railway junction, where the following lines cross: Warszawa – Radom – Kraków and Radom – Dęblin and Radom – Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Łódź. The railway station in Radom is a voivodeship station. It is open all day round. In the station, there is a railway information point, the Tourist Information Centre, and McDonalds’. Apart from the Radom railway station, there are five railway stops in the town.

By bus

The bus station in Radom offers domestic and international lines.
ul. 1905 Roku 47

Information about bus lines is open:

pon.-pt. 8.00-16.00: +48 48 386 44 19, +48 665 001 002;
pon.-pt. 6.00-16.30: +48 386 44 20.
24-hour telephone information on bus timetable for fixed and mobile telephone lines: +48 703 402 802.

Buses and coaches of private carriers leave from bus stops located near the railway station.

Public transport


In Radom there are 26 ordinary bus lines and 3 night lines. Routes of 10 of those lines partially go outside the town. Ordinary lines bear numbers from 1 to 26 and night lines bear numbers N1, N2 and N3.

In the public transport, only tickets issued by the Municipal Road and Public Transport Management (MZDIK) can be used. They can be bought in four MZDIK points, partner points all over the town (the Radom Municipal Card can be charged in 13 kiosks and shops) and stationery ticket machines (19 self-service ticket points open on a 24/7 basis). In 19 electrical buses equipped with ticket validating machines with touch pads, you can also buy a one-hour or one-day ticket by use a payment card in the special ticket machine. The ticket is recorded in your payment card in an electronic form.

Paper one-hour and one-day tickets and sets of 10 one-hour tickets are sold with special control numbers. Long-term tickets are recorded in the Radom Municipal Card. This Card also contains an electronic purse, which means that you can pay for the ticket electronically by approaching the Radom Municipal Card to the ticket validating machine.

One-hour and one-day tickets can be bought by use of a mobile phone and mobile applications: moBilet, mPay, SkyCash. You will find more information about the applications here:

The latest information and timetables are available on the website of the Municipal Road and Public Transport Management.

Municipal Road and Public Transport Management (Miejski Zarząd Dróg i Komunikacji) ,
ul. Traugutta 30/30A

A detailed timetable is published on

A comfortable application that makes movement by public transport is “”. With that application, you will quickly find valid and most comfortable lines all over Radom.

 Car rental for minutes

Car rental for minutes via the smartphone application is an alternative to public transport. The car is opened with a phone. You only pay for the time and the kilometres you have travelled. You do not have to pay for fuel. To use the service, you need to download the application. For details, see:, infolinia: +48 690 20 20 20.


  • White Taxi +48 6666 12345 (języki: polski, angielski)
  • SOOWA Taxi +48 511 522 511 (języki: polski, angielski, niemiecki, rosyjski, włoski)
  • Taxi Super Ekspres +48 603 309 622, 48 19 622, 48 191 91 (język polski)
  • MPT-Taxi +48 785 119 193 (automatyczny dyspozytor), 48 19 193 (język polski, angielski –
    u kierowców)
  • Rekord Taxi +48 48 389 80 80 (język polski)
  • ABC Taxi Radom +48 19 666 (języki: polski, angielski)
  • Halo Taxi Radom +48 575 572 929 (języki: polski i rosyjski)

In addition, in the town you can also order a car by use of the Bolt application.

Car rental

  • Auto Czarter +48 730 210 210,, języki: polski, angielski
  • Wynajem samochodów „Prasek” oddział Radom, +48 691 414 209 (języki: polski, angielski)
  • Marad +48 668 183 848, (język polski)
  • Rentis +48 519 535 312, (języki: polski, angielski, rosyjski, węgierski, ukraiński)
  • Sonar Auto Max +48 605 24 88 33, 48 365 40 16, (języki: polski, angielski)
  • +48 514 283 338, (języki: polski, angielski, rosyjski)

Electrical scooters

Electric scooters as means of transport have become popular in a flash. To drive a scooter, you do not any authorisation. It is simple to operate and no parking place is necessary. In Radom, scooters are rented for minutes by two operators: i Bolt.