Known people connected with Radom

There were many famous persons connected with Radom, both as the place of birth and the place of residence. Those were, for example:

Mikołaj from Radom – a composer of polyphonic music of the first half of the 15th century. He composed religious and secular Burgundian-style music. 10 of his works survived to date.

John Kochanowski – 1530-1584. He was born in Sycyna near Zwoleń in the Radom land. Outstanding poet of the Renaissance, royal secretary. In 1574, he settled in Czarnolas. He died in Lublin.

Jacek Malczewski – 1854-1929. Born in Radom. Painter, one of the main representatives of Symbolism. Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Died in Kraków and was buried in the Crypt of the Distinguished People on Skałka.

Józef Brandt – 1841-1915. Born in Szczebrzeszyn. Painter. Created mainly battle and historic paintings. In his property in Orońsk near Radom, there is the Centre of Polish Sculpture. Died in Radom and was buried in the graveyard at Limanowskiego Street.

Oskar Kolberg – 1814-1890. Born in Przysusza near Radom. Ethnographer, folklorist, composer. As the first Polish ethnographer, he collected and systematised native folklore culture by region. Died in Kraków.

Walery Przyborowski – 1845-1913. Born in Domaszewicze near Kielce. Prose writer, journalist, historian. In Radom, he learned in the grammar school and went to fight in the January Uprising. He came back to Radom only in 1900 and worked as a teacher of history and literature. He lived in the tenement house at 4 Reja Street.

Tytus Chałubiński – 1820-1889. Born in Radom. Doctor, naturalist, one of the first researchers of the Tatra Mountains. Professor of the Medical and Surgical Academy, the Main Warsaw School and the University of Warsaw. Popularised Tatra tourism in Poland. Died in Zakopane. Buried on the Cemetery of the Distinguished People in Pęksowy Brzyzek.

Dionizy Czachowski – 1810-1863. Born in Niedabyl in the Radom county. Colonel of the insurrectionist army of the January Uprising, military commander of the Sandomierskie Voivodeship. Died in fight with the Russian army near Lipsko. Buried in Radom. Since 1981, in the sarcophagus in the Observants’ church.

Witold Gombrowicz – 1904-1969. Born in Małoszyce near Opatów. Novelist and dramatist. Died in Vence near Nice. In Wsola near Radom, Jerzy, elder brother of Witold, was an owner of a mansion house which was frequently visited by Witold Gombrowicz.

Antoni Czortek – 1915 – 2004. Born in Buśnia. Polish boxer and Vice-champion of Europe, Olympic athlete. Prisoner of the German concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birekanu, where, to survive, he held show fights and a boxer fight with an SS to save his own life. Died in Radom.

Andrzej Wajda – born in 1926 in Suwałki. Film director. Honoris Causa doctor of many universities, Knight of the Legion of Honour order, winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes. In 2000, he was awarded with an Oskar for career achievements. He lived in Radom in the years 1935-1946.

ks. Włodzimierz Sedlak – 1911-1993. Born in Sosnowiec. Professor of the Catholic University of Lublin. Creator of bioelectronics and electromagnetic theory of life. Member of many scientific societies, including, without limitation: Scientific Society of the Catholic University in Lubin, Polish Anthropologic Society, Polish Geological Society. Decorated with the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, the Gold Cross of Achievement and other awards. Died in Radom, with which it was connected form 1952. Buried in the municipal Firlej cemetery. Honorary citizen of Radom and Skarżysko-Kamienna.

Leszek Kołakowski – born in Radom in 1927, where he attended a primary school. Philosopher, historian of philosophy, essayist, publicist. Professor of the University of Warsaw and the Polish Academy of Sciences. Lecturer at many world universities. Emigrated to England in 1968. Actual member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 1998, awarded with the highest Polish decoration of the White Eagle Order.

Tadeusz Sołtyk – 1909-2004. UBorn in Radom. Outstanding aircraft constructor. Constructed a famous Polish training jet aircraft TS-11. Lecturer at Technical Universities in: Gdańsk, Warsaw and Łódź.

Kazimierz Paździor – born in 1935 in Radom. Boxer, golden Olympic medallist of 1960 in Roma, champion of Europe (1957), double champion of Poland (1958, 1960).

Iga Cembrzyńska – actually Maria Elżbieta Cembrzyńska. Born on 2 July 1939 in Radom. Polish actor, scriptwriter, director, singer, composer and film producer.

Małgorzata Foremniak – born on 8 January 1967 in Radom. Polish theatre, film and TV actor and TV celebrity. Known from many television and cinema productions. Debuted in the John Kochanowski Theatre in Radom.

Jerzy Połomski – actually Jerzy Pająk. Born on 18 September 1933 in Radom. Polish baritone signer, stage artist and actor.

Artur Gadowski – born on 1 June 1967 in Szydłowiec. Polish rock musician, vocalist of the Ira band.

Szymon Wydra – born on 11 March 1976 in Radom. Vocalist, guitarist, composer and poet. Founder and leader of the Carpe Diem band.

Paweł Domagała – Polish actor, singer, musician and cabaret performer, born on 19 January 1984 in Wrocław. Graduate of the Wroclaw John Kochanowski secondary school in Radom. Connected with the John Kochanowski Theatre in Radom, where, still as a secondary school student, he played on of his first role of Ignaś in “Trans-Atlantyk”, directed by Krzysztof Galos.