Old Radom

Immerse yourselves in history

Radom is a town of over 1000 years of history. In the Middle Ages, it was a royal centre. Here, Kazimierz The Great built a town surrounded with walls, with a castle and a town hall. In the 19th and 20th century, industry in Radom developed intensively. Today, together with children, you can discover the traces of old Radom thanks to specially prepared town games.

One of them will lead you across Miasto Kazimierzowskie, where your kids will look for solutions of riddles hidden in the walls of old tenement houses.

Another game is a quest, where children discover the industrial heritage of Radom by the use of rhymed guidelines.

Outdoor games are fun for the whole family. This is an excellent way to spend time together and participants become “detectives” who discover secrets of the past. You can obtain the games in the Tourist Information Centre at 16 Rwańska Street and 2 Dworcowy Square (in the building of the railway station).


Discover illusion in the largest Centre of Illusion and Museum of Trickart in Poland

This is a place where science alternates with play. Here you will find several dozens of large pictures presenting, among others, King Kong, Underwater World, Ruda Baśka Witch and Cat in Radom. The pictures will cheat your sight with a 3D effect. In the museum there is also the longest kaleidoscope in Europe and the biggest labyrinth of mirrors in Poland. Tourists will see colourful shadows, an unlimited library, a spinning tube and a Rubik cube room. In the room of shadows, your reflection will remain on the wall. Due to special glasses and virtual reality, you will move wherever you desire. The interior of Tricorama is covered with carpets. That is why you visit it barefoot.

VR Zone

Enter the world of unlimited possibilities

Virtual reality let you experience things that will be difficult to choose in the real world. In the virtual reality, everyone can move to any place in the world or be transformed into a superhero. Guests of the VR Zone protect the city against killer whales, rescue friends against the world flood, try to survive the apocalypse, take part in the space mission or impersonate gunslingers in the Wild West. They also balance over the precipice, climb the 160-meter skyscraper, bungee jump, teleport on the roofs of buildings, swim with sharks or face a group of zombies. The youngest visitors will become a part of a magical world of fairy tales. In the VR Zone, families can experience great emotions in a safe way.

Fantasmagoria – Family Entertainment and Development Centre

The place is designed for children of 1 to the youngest classes of the primary school. Children can play and learn, develop and stimulate their senses there. That is why apart from an adventure playground, there are also a number of other wonderful attractions. The world experience room will enchant not only kids. In the sea room with a graduation tower you can relax and improve your health. In the jungle you will be surprised with uv effects, and the disco room is a place for wild dance.