Visiting the town together with a master of painting? It is possible in Radom! Here, one of the most outstanding Polish painters, Jacek Malczewski, was born.

Visiting Radom by following traces of Jacek Malczewski, you will discover an artistic face of the town. Before you go to the Jacek Malczewski Museum, where the painter’s works are exhibited, have a walk along the street bearing his name. There are several beautiful tenement houses there: a former Masonic lodge in Radom and the 19th-century building of Resursa Obywatelska, as well as a tenement house where the painter lived and created.

The master stands in a long coat, a cape and a characteristic beret on the head near the over one-hundred-year-old oak of freedom.

While going in the direction of the museum, it is worth visiting the St John Church in Radom, where small Jacek Malczewski was baptised in 1854.

To complete the day spent with the painter you can admire his paintings in the Jacek Malczewski Museum. The Museum has one of the greatest collections of the artist’s paintings in Poland, which is systematically expanded.

Paintings of Jacek Malczewski are also visible in the town in the form of murals. You will see them on the building of the Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński Secondary School at 12 Warszawska Street and on the building of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Technology and Liberal Arts in Radom at 22 Malczewskiego Street. In Radom, there is also a route of XXL Jacek Malczewski murals.

Paint your day with Jacek Malczewski with our quest.