Wrocław has its dwarfs, Zielona Góra – Bachusiki, and Radom sculptures of products that the town was or is famous for. In the urban space there are bronze casts financed from the 2018 Civic Budget. The project was originated by Maciej Stępnikowski and Sebastian Pawłowski, and sculptures were created by Sławomir Micek.

Among 19 sculptures, there are 2 bicycles. One of them is a racing model used by cyclists during numerous competitions. The other is a military XX type, where a soldier could fix a rifle. Both bicycles were produced by the “Łucznik” Weapon Factory.

Vis, the most famous Polish pistol, a writing machine and a sewing machine.

The company called Protekta, which produced gas masks, was also connected with the military industry. That is why that product is one of elements of the route of symbols.

Another factory in Radom was Radoskór, the leather production plant, which had one of the largest tannery in Europe. That is why, a pair of women’s shoes produced in Radom had to be incorporated among the sculptures.

And as far as shoes are concerned, it is worth noting that in the 80s of the 20th century, another production plant – Sofix – was established in Radom. The products of that company are represented by Velcro-fastened knee-high boots.

Other sculptures are to remind us of the Radom telephone production plant, where Malwa, Bratek and CB-49 apparatuses were manufactured.

In addition, the route includes GR-TIX paint produced in the Rafil factory, household scales manufactured by Radwag, and the sole representative of the food industry: Rolmlecz vanilla cream cheese.