Why Radom?

Radom is inhabited by over two hundred thousand people. It is a town in central Poland, the second biggest town in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in terms of population (after Warsaw) and the fourteenth town in Poland. It is an academic, social and economic centre where numerous subregional functions are concentrated.

Due to important development actions, the town is likely to improve its ranking in the nearest years. Some of the most important impulses for the development of Radom are as follows:

  • Construction of a ring road of Radom as a part of the express road number S7,
  • Modernisation of the railway line to Warsaw, which will significantly improve the accessibility of the capital city by train (it is planned to be completed in 2023),
  • Planned adaptation of the former Weapon Factory into modern offices,
  • Significant reconstruction of the Radom Airport, which, starting from 2020, is assumed to pay a role of an airport complementary to the Chopin Airport in Warsaw.

Accessibility of Radom

Radom is located in the centre of Poland at the crossroads of important national roads and railway lines. Just 100 km from the town, there is the largest international airport in central Europe: the Chopin Airport in Warsaw. Due to that the town has a good access to a great part of Poland, Europe and the world. This part of the report presents the results of studies on the accessibility of Radom to people travelling by car or public transport. The area from which the town can be reached within 60 minutes was set out. In addition, a number of people living within that area was given. Such a good accessibility of Radom results from the location of a railway station and a bus station in the town.

Organisation of events

In Radom, there are dozen companies offering modern business services. The town tries to attract Polish and foreign investors to expand the list. To create the brand of Radom as a place that is friendly to business, local authorities establish professional and successful cooperation with investors, the commercial property sector, recruitment companies, universities and institutions operating in the business environment. The position of the town in the map of modern business services can be also improved through the implementation of relevant town management and development solutions, as well as a long-term education support policy (including the system of dual education that is developed together with higher schools in Radom).

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