Radom is a town where every lover of nature and spending free time in the bosom of nature will find something for themselves. Those who are craving for contact with nature can take advantage of charming parks. In Radom there are nine parks of the total surface area of over 52 hectares. Four of them are located within the tourist centre of the town. On hot days they provide a shelter from the sun, but they are also places of culture, sports and recreation.

Stary Ogród (Old Garden) located near Miasto Kazmierzowskie is the oldest park in Radom and one of the oldest parks in the country. It was established almost 200 years ago. It is crossed by the Mleczna river, which is decorated with a charming bridge with padlocks fixed there by lovers. You can have a seat under the weeping willow over a small pond. In the park, there is a playground, an outdoor gym, as well as chess tables and table tennis facilities.

At the eastern end of the Radom promenade, there is the Tadeusz Kościuszki Park, which was established 150 years ago opposite the seat of Radom province authorities. In the park, a tower imitating debris of a medieval castle was constructed. It was demolished and then partially reconstructed in the 21st century.

Around 100 years ago, a reinforced concrete summer house was fixed in the park. At present, it is used as a band shell, a playground and a place to play chess. At the northern edge of the park, there is a John Kochanowski monument and at the southern edge – a bench of Prime Minister Stanisław Mikołajczyk.

Leśniczówka, which is crossed by the Potok Północny river and which is the largest park in Radom, is very picturesque. Apart from a playground, there is a skate park there.

Near the railway station, there is an over 70-year-old Planty Park. There is also a playground there.

Pedestrians, cyclists and skaters can use boulevards over the Mleczna river to go to the lake in Borki, one of the most favourite places for summer recreation. There, you can swim in clean water and take advantage of such attractions as platforms for pedestrians and fountains. There also other attractions in this area: volleyball courts, swimming equipment, including SUPs, rental facilities.

If you plan your day in the bosom of nature, visit the Kosówka Valley. In the valley there are rare species of plants, insects and amphibians. In the reserve there is also an educational route. This is an extremely picturesque area.

The Katurski Forest is the largest forest complex in Radom. Once it was a part of the extensive Radomska wilderness. The forest neighbours meadows over the Mleczna river and the valley of the Janiszewski stream with picturesque routes for walking tours.