While walking in Radom, it is worth paying attention to facilities reflecting the development of industry. The industry developed dynamically in the interwar period of the 20s. In 1927, the Weapon Factory (post-war Walter Metal Production Plant, at present “Łucznik”) commenced its operation consisting in the production of legendary VIS guns and Mauser rifles.

Do you know that VIS wz. 35 produced in the Weapon Factor in Radom is considered as one of the best military guns that have ever been produced? VIS is a semi-automatic gun constructed by Piotr Wilniewczyc and John Srzypiński. The original name of the gun, WS, was made of the first letters of constructors’ surnames. However at a request of the Department of Arms, it was changed to Vis, which means “power” in Latin.

You will find VIS at Malczewskiego Street on the wall next to the main entrance to the Resursa building. It is one of 14 industrial symbols of the town, which were commemorated with bronze casts located all over Radom.

Here you will learn more about the extremely interesting history of the Weapon Factor and the housing estate of Planty, which was constructed in Radom specially for factory workers.