Piłsudskiego Street

Close to the town promenade there are three historic streets along which dozens of original tenement houses were constructed in the 19th and 20th centuries. The houses at Piłsudskiego Street are considered most beautiful. This refers in particular to the building of the bank, i.e. the former Credit Union of Radom Industrialists (No. 15). Solutions used in the building are characteristic for the medieval architecture: triangle peaks over entrances that resemble towers, richly decorated stone balconies, and pointed arch windows with traceries. You will see an emblem of the Radom province carved in stone: a shield with a sheaf of wheat surrounded with hammers, which is a symbol of the agricultural and industrial character of the Radom land.

Opposite, there is the building of library (No. 12). This is the villa of Włodzimierz Kulczycki, which was constructed in the neo-Renaissance style. It is particularly interesting due to columns crowned with capitals of the simplified Corinthian style. In front of the building in the square there is a sun clock, which was constructed over 150 years ago.

Slightly farther, at number 7, there is a tenement house constructed by Stanisław Dzikowski. It is richly decorated. The decorations include, among others, four columns in the Corinthian style and window pediments filled with plant decorations and shells. The windows are protected by fourteen caryatids (female figures).

Sienkiewicza Street

One of the architectonic pearls is located in the neighbourhood at 12 Sienkiewicza Street. This is a house which was once owned by the Glogier Family, which rendered great service to the town. Due to the roof, bay window and balconies, the building looks like French palaces. Sometimes it is called a “Dracula’s castle”.

Moniuszki Street

Tenement houses at Moniuszki Street, in particular numbers 18, 20 and 22, are also richly decorated. Pay also attention to the building at number 24, where Gothic inspirations are visible.