Radom street art has many faces. Firstly, moving paintings by Jacek Malczewski to the urban space is a unique project in Poland. Apart from popular murals in the streets of our town, you will also see mosaics. Searching for mosaics in the map of the town will be, for sure, an interesting and unusual way of getting to know Radom.

“Woman with faun”

Mural presenting the painting by Jacek Malczewski
Building of the Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński Secondary School, ul. Warszawska 12.

“Poisoned well with chimera”

Mural presenting the painting by Jacek Malczewski
Faculty of Art in the University of Technology and Liberal Arts in Radom,
ul. Malczewskiego 22.

Jerzy Likowski’s mosaic

In front of the entrance to the PZU branch at ul. Traugutt

Jerzy Likowski’s mosaic

CKU wall at ul. Kosciuszko

Mural by Roberto Vergara Lino from Salvador

It shows the symbiosis and natural environment where different species of animals: mammals, amphibians and reptiles live together.
Skyscraper at 116 Żeromskiego Street.

Murals on the skyscraper at 74 Żeromskiego Street are devoted to events of June 1976.

On one wall, there is a worker who looks upward. On the second wall, artists presented a tree bough in the form of interlaced hands. It is to reflect the social bond and solidarity of people who entered the streets to protest against communists in 1976.

Mural on the wall of the kindergarten at Kilińskiego Street in Radom

Dyzio the Dreamer is a hero of one of poems by Julian Tuwim. It was painted by Natalia Rak, artist coming from Radom.