Radom is the town where you will not be bored. Due to numerous bike paths, sports facilities, swimming pools, outdoor gyms, competitions and sports emotions, everyone will find something for themselves.

Radom is a very good town for bike trips. There are around 90 km of bike paths and cyclists more and more often choose their bike to go, for example, to work. And new projects for cyclists are planned all the time. From spring to autumn, there are cyclical events for cyclists, like “Jazda z miasta” or “Co za Jazda”.

Radom boulevards along the Mleczna river are a popular place for cyclists and skaters. Due to the beautiful nature and historic character of the place, you will quickly forget that you are in the centre of the town.

Radom is also a town friendly to runners. Apart from amateur runners, in the streets of the town you will also find participants of various types of running competitions.

The phrase “town of sports emotions” describes Radom perfectly. In Radom there are many sports facilities and exciting sports events.

For active people, there are outdoor gyms, climbing walls, a trampoline park, a skatepark, and paintball fields in Radom. Lovers of horse riding can develop their passion at studs located near Radom.

The Borki lake was created for all lovers of water activities. Pedal boats, SUPs are only examples of attractions available at the lake.

Winter in Radom is full of attractions. There is a skating rink and a skate rental facility in the town.

Lovers of strong impressions will join Radom winter swimming enthusiasts for sure and have icy baths on almost every weekend. Children will enjoy sledging on many little mountains located in the town.

Sleigh rides are one of the most interesting attractions organised by the Radom Village Museum. Due to the beautiful rural scenery, sleighs and fire at the end of the ride, you will remember your winter stay in Radom for a long time.