Visiting Radom is definitively not enough. To get to know the town, have a look at its cultural face.

The cultural diversity of Radom includes, among others, a theatre, a chamber orchestra, museum facilities, urban and local community clubs, the Public Library, artistic schools. Many cultural events also encourage tourists to visit Radom. The calendar includes regional, national and international events.

Inhabitants of Radom like and appreciate cinema, and film producers like and appreciate Radom. In Radom, the Polish Film Meetings entitled “Chamber Summer” have already been organised for 14 years. Every year the festival attracts outstanding personalities of the film industry. The ambassador of the festival is Anna Mucha. In Radom there are also many interesting exterior locations, which are more and more willingly used by film producers.

Radom has one of the best collections of contemporary art in Poland and one of a few largest Polish collections of Jacek Malczewski’s works. The Masovia Centre of Contemporary Art “Elektrownia” organises nation-wide and European events and has quickly become one of the most interesting centres of contemporary art in Poland. In Radom, there is the complex of schools of art and municipal and private galleries, like the Łaźnia Gallery, invite artists from all over Poland.

The revitalised Deskurs’ Tenement House has also become an important point on the cultural map of Radom. The renovated building performs cultural, business and educational functions. In modern rooms, there is a place for cultural events and exhibitions related to the history of the town.

Radom is a town of various types of music. Since 1997, the International Festival of Early Music has been organised in Radom. Many music lovers also arrive here to take part in the Polish Competition of Poetry Singers, which is one of the oldest competitions of literary song in Poland. Radom also organises the Café Jazz Festival, one of the largest jazz events in Poland. In Radom, there is the Complex of Musical Schools, which operate perfectly in modern interiors. The town is also proud of the Radom Chamber Orchestra, which invites outstanding soloists from all over the world to take part in regular concerts.

Since 1976 the John Kochanowski Theatre has been operating in Radom. Its flagship event is the International Gombrowicz Festival. This is the only festival in Poland devoted to the work of one author and promoting Polish literature abroad. The festival was visited among others by teams from Argentine, Russia, the USA, Sweden, France, Germany or the UK. The Theatre in Radom is also an originator and co-organiser of the “Theatre Street”, i.e. the review of street theatres from all over Poland, which becomes more and more popular.

Crowds also come to such cyclical events like the “Street of Tradition”, i.e. a retro travel to the 20s of the interwar period or the International Festival of Street and Precision Artists. Once a year, during a June warm night, inhabitants of Radom look for a soul of the town. “Anima Urbis” is an event during which the participants look for magic, interesting and inspiring places in the town.

The workers’ protest in June 1976 was one of the most important stops on Poles’ way to freedom. Every year, a number of events are held to commemorate the strike of 1976 under the joint title “It started in Radom”. Permanent elements of the celebration include: a musical performance, a semi-marathon, meetings with protest participants, a historic picnic, and many other supporting actions. Since 2021, the Free(Ra)dom Festival has been also held in June.